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Amor Louco

Ois! Este poema-canção é particularmente dedicado aos meus amigos brasileiros - obrigatório ler em Português do Brasil, cantado de preferência, hehe :)


Just Live.

Wow, it's been a while... I have to dedicate myself more to this!

I only realized it had been so long since I last posted when a friend complained about it last week - and so here we are again! I've been a bit busy, and tired, and so time just passed by...


The Statue

It had no fixed time; they just couldn't hear it anymore! Every Friday night, at any given hour, those screams and noises drove the neighbourhood crazy.

He was a nice man, he had a nice job, he led a nice life, overall. But on Fridays....


Farewell, Jane Moore!

After my first post having been a poem in Portuguese, I thought it would be appropriate to post a short-story in English; change of style and change of language!

I have to say, though, that this short was created during a class. This was a writing exercise, and we were given a handful of words or facts, can't remember very well, and were told to write something. For me, that's Heaven! This is the result of that exercise. Without further ado, here you go:


Em Português primeiro!

Estive a remexer nos meus papéis e cadernos antigos, coisas que tenho guardadas desde há dez ou quinze anos para cá...

Tenho de admitir que, se bem que por um lado me suscitassem nostalgia até não mais, por outro lado I'm quite disappointed :(


A "little" intro to the thing

I always loved reading. It didn't really matter what I read, could be comics, romance, philosophical and spiritual works, anything - but I loved it, and I still do. This love for reading, and the practice of it, ended up leading me naturally to writing.